I am offering different seminars on herbs, wild fruit foraging, country life, homesteading, outdoor life, permaculture and natural magic/witchcraft

Here’s a brief overview:

You get more information on different offers, if you click „Kursprogramm“ on top. (Not all information is available in English yet, if you are interested in a special subject, please email to get the required information in English. we are currently working at translating the lot.

Do you know how different herbs were used before modern medicine was invented ?

How to prepare and use them (herbal infusions, salves, tinctures and so on..)
How can they be used for to prepare cosmetics?
How can they be used to season food and make it healthier

Do you know, which wild fruit you can eat and which are poisonous ?

How can those be prepared which are poisonous when raw ?
What happens if you accidentally eat one of the poisonous plants/berries ?
Which ones are deadly or cause serious illness, which ones just make you feel a little sick ?
Which „poisonous“ plants are getting bused in medicine and magic?

What other knowledge do you need to survive off grid ?

What do you know about old fashioned household techniques..?

Coffee substitutes made from roots fruit and grain
Sauerkraut and other fermented vegetables
Preparing vinegar from juice..
Baking bread with home made sour dough
Do washing/dishes with homemade detergents from plants
Knitting ,crocheting, sewing

Do you know how ancient magical techniques work ?

Magical use of different plants
The „witches year“
Plants and moon


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